Got a tip?

The following are secure and confidential ways to send us information:




WhatsApp is a free messaging and data sharing application owned by Facebook. Download from the WhatsApp website. Content of  messages is kept confidential between the sender and the recipient. Send documents or messages  to 724-541-4942.


Tor Project


The Tor Project is more secure web browser. If you feel you need more security, download the Tor browser and use WhatsApp to send documents or messages. Messages are sent to the same number 724-541-4942.


U.S. Postal Service


Send us information through the US Postal Service. Please make sure to include contact information in case we have questions.

Letters and packages can be sent to:

The HawkEye
c/o David Loomis
669 Croyland Ave.
Indiana, PA 15701

Phone: 724 349-0770

6 Responses to Got a tip?

  1. Bill Edmondson says:

    Mr Loomis is nothing more than a troublemaker with too much time on his hands, I believe he needs to be relieved of his duties immediately.

  2. Edmondson says:

    You are trying to get a lawsuit aren’t you.
    How about growing up and be an adult?

  3. William Edmondson says:

    I have commented but apparently you can’t see them they must hide like you did at the care a van cruise didn’t see your ugly mug there.

    • David Loomis says:

      Mr. Edmondson:

      As I wrote in an earlier reply, you are entering your messages in The HawkEye tipster/whistle-blower message window. If you want to see your comments published, enter them at the bottom of the story on which you want to comment. Look for the “leave a reply” window.

      And thanks for reading.

      Dave Loomis,

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