The red hats are coming!

Bust of George Washington, with red Trump hat, U.S. Capitol,  2:34 p.m., Jan. 6, 2021. Julie Gilbertson, New York Times.

By David Loomis

Maybe the mayhem in Washington last week struck state and local elected officials speechless. Or maybe state and local officials are looking for cover behind the notion that the insurrectionist mob was a federal-government concern.

After all, the attempted coup occurred on federal property (the U.S. Capitol), it targeted the federal legislature (the U.S. Congress) and it was incited by the federal executive (Donald Trump) and his feckless henchpeople.

This just in:

The FBI today warned law-enforcement agencies across the country of armed protests in all 50 state capitals ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s – and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ – constitutionally mandated Jan. 20 inauguration, mainstream media report.  (Fox News published an Associated Press wire report about it.) 

Maybe it’s too much to ask Indiana County’s state legislative delegation to add a new talking point to their talk about the Democratic governor’s alleged mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic or of the climate crisis.

But Indiana County state Sen. Joe Pittman and representatives Jim Struzzi and Cris Dush did endorse a Dec. 4 letter asking Congress to overturn Pennsylvania’s Electoral College vote for Biden and Harris — a popular move among the Jan. 6 mob.

Any second thoughts about that, lawmakers? Any thoughts about restoring and re-emphasizing civics, history and rhetoric classes in Pennsylvania public schools? Any thoughts about expressing support for law, order and their oaths of office before an armed mob descends on Harrisburg?

Mr. Struzzi responded this evening to the FBI warning:

“Violence or the threat of violence is never an acceptable way to resolve political disputes in this country,” Mr. Struzzi wrote in an email. “The actions that occurred in DC should never have happened, and should never happen again anywhere. We need civility and respectful discussion of the issues that affect our state, nation, and our future.”


David Loomis, Ph.D., emeritus professor of journalism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is editor of The HawkEye.

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3 Responses to The red hats are coming!


    You feel that the election was above board but just look at the vote totals per precinct and county over the last 3 elections for president why all of a sudden this time the numbers were mostly democratic in staunchly republican registration?

  2. celindascott says:

    Thanks for this. About the courses you mentioned that should be offered in public schools: I don’t know of any school districts where they aren’t. And it’s the call of the state Dep’t of Ed and local school districts to make sure that they are (in the form of graduation requirements), not politicians. As a retired public teacher of social studies, French, and English, I know that students forget from year to year what they have previously learned (and been tested on) in class. About social studies: in my opinion, methodology should include reading skills. Many students I had had trouble with complex texts. For instance, they wouldn’t know who had won a battle by the end of a paragraph because of the twists and turns of the phraseology. That doesn’t mean textbooks should be “dumbed down.” It means that an emphasis in social studies classes should include the exercise and development of reading skills (not just depending on exciting, interesting lectures by the teacher either in class or on-line). Those who complain about “fake news”–who don’t trust newspapers–tend to have undeveloped reading skills. They can’t understand the complexity involved and want an orator to simplify for them. When it’s a “good” orator like FDR, or Obama, things tend to be OK. When it’s someone like Trump, people can be fooled and led in ways that are destructive.

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