The First Amendment, FERPA and ‘The IUP Way’

Chalk Walk, IUP Oak Grove, May 3, 2018. Photo by David Loomis.

A Mulitmedia Analysis

By Dylan Lyle and The HawkEye staff

INDIANA — On April 5, the Indiana University of Pennsylvania chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists hosted a forum on the First Amendment and the public university. Much of the discussion focused on recent free-speech and free-press issues on the IUP campus.

One of the issues was FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, a federal statute widely misinterpreted on college campuses nationwide in efforts by administrators and other university officials to evade accountability or avoid embarrassment, according to one expert April 5 panelist.

The expert panelist is Frank D. LoMonte, an attorney, award-winning investigative journalist, former decade-long director of the Student Press Law Center in Washington, D.C., and now director of the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information at the University of Florida.

He was joined by three other panelists:

— Michelle S. Fryling, IUP executive director of communications and media relations

— Christopher T. Hayes, editor in chief, The Penn

— Logan R. Hullinger, staff reporter, The HawkEye

The following 8-minute video summarizes the FERPA issue at IUP and replays the expert panelist’s discussion of the law’s myths and realities.


Sidebar: Complete video of April 5 IUP SPJ First Amendment forum

INDIANA — The April 5 public forum shown in part above is replayed in its 87-minute entirety in two parts below:



— FERPA video by Dylan Lyle.

— Full forum video and audio by Sarah Everett, Candace Howell, John Pagan, Noah Saylor and Donald Winzer of the IUP Communications Media Department.

— Post-production by Alan Craigie

— Narration, moderation by David Loomis


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