Lake Ingle: The HawkEye interview

By Dylan Lyle

INDIANA — On April 16, Indiana University of Pennsylvania religious studies student Lake A. E. Ingle sat for an interview about the events in a RLST 481 Self, Sin and Salvation class taught by professor Alison J. Downie on Feb. 28.

That was when Ingle, 24, got kicked out of the class and into conservative opinion media circles as a poster child of censorship by a liberal professoriate.

Ingle acknowledges that commercial media emphasized one angle — “Gender Madness: Student ejected for telling prof there are only 2 genders.” He describes the media focus as one-sided and added that his classroom remarks addressed such other issues as gender wage gaps, biology and white male privilege.

As for IUP, Ingle says he felt threatened by Downie’s “extreme” disciplinary approach and confused by what he says was the administration’s “vague,” if understandable,  response to the controversy.

IUP Religious Studies professor Alison J. Downie.

On March 19, IUP President Michael A. Driscoll intervened in a campus judicial process and readmitted Ingle to Downie’s class. Ingle completed the class and graduated earlier this month. 

Personal statements by other class participants — a student and professor Downie — have been published in the student newspaper. Neither answered questions.

Downie was contacted for this story and permitted to preview the Ingle interview video. She responded in a May 17 email in which she urged viewers to watch a video she presented to the class on Feb. 28.

She declined to answer questions.

Dylan Lyle, 20, of Kane, Pa., is a senior journalism and public relations major at IUP.

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