Eclipse 2017: Oak Grove light-and-shadow show

A pinhole-camera effect is produced naturally by leaves filtering eclipsed sunlight and projecting it in crescent-shaped shadows on the sidewalk outside Weyandt Hall, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Aug. 21, 2017. Photos by David Loomis.

By The HawkEye staff

INDIANA — The entrance to Weyandt Hall, home to the natural sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, became an impromptu outdoor astrophysics lab on Monday afternoon as students and faculty members observed a partial eclipse of the sun.

By 2 p.m., small groups armed with instruments such as solar-eclipse glasses, camera-obscura cardboard boxes, pin-holed sheets of paper, welder’s hoods and cell phones had gathered near the building’s front door just east of Oakland Avenue.

Clouds were building for a brief thunderstorm after 3 p.m. But around 2:40 p.m., the sky above the Oak Grove was clear enough for a glimpse of the solar-lunar peekaboo.

Some scenes from the show:

A pinhole camera projects a tiny but distinct image of the eclipsed sun.

A cardboard-box pinhole camera in use in front of Weyandt Hall.

Chemistry professor Anne E. Kondo uncovers.

IUP nursing professor Theresa M. Gropelli receives instruction in welder’s hood use.

Hands on.

Head’s up.

Pin-holed paper-sheet projector employed by mathematics professor Daniel A. Burkett.

At nearby Leonard Hall, undergoing demolition, some eyes were up, some down.

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