Poll: Plurality of IUP students prefer Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, presidential debate, Hofstra University, Sept. 26, 2016. Courtesy Daily Mail.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, presidential debate, Hofstra University, Sept. 26, 2016. Courtesy Daily Mail.

By Logan Hullinger

INDIANA – A plurality of Indiana University of Pennsylvania students are registered and ready to vote for Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8, according to a recent email survey.

The Qualtrics survey, sent to 2,500 undergraduate students Oct. 3-24, found:

* 91 percent of respondents said they are registered to vote.

* 40 percent said Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, is their choice in next week’s general election.

* 30 percent said Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, is their choice.

* 12 percent said they supported Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

The survey’s margin of error was 2.9 percentage points. (Additional survey results appear in a sidebar, below.)

The survey closed before the controversial Oct. 28 announcement by FBI Director James Comey to re-open the agency’s investigation into emails linked to Clinton.


IUP STUDENT RESPONDENTS are mostly millennials, the demographic cohort that is under the age of 35 and represents the nation’s largest generation. Last month, USA Today reported that millennials nationwide back Clinton over Trump by a 3-1 margin.

IUP millennials, by contrast, support Clinton by a narrower margin – only 10 percentage points — than their peers nationally.

However, some statisticians today rated Clinton an 88 percent favorite to win the Nov. 8 election, although the percentage has dropped marginally in recent days.

Logan Hullinger, a sophomore journalism major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania from Clarion, is a staff reporter for The HawkEye. He can be contacted at L.R.Hullinger@iup.edu.


Sidebar 1: Qualtrics survey results

Data below report IUP undergraduate students’ responses to questions about their political preferences in the Nov. 8 presidential election. The seven-item Qualtrics survey (full text in sidebar, below) was emailed to 2,500 undergraduate students on Oct. 3. The survey closed Oct 24.

Survey responses were received from 156 students, a response rate of 6.2 percent. The margin of error is 2.9 percentage points.

A summary of responses:

● 62 percent of respondents are female.
● 94 percent are white.
● 92 percent are registered to vote.
● 46 percent identify as Democrat.
● 35 percent identify as Republican.
● 12 percent identify as independent
● 40 percent plan to vote for Hillary Clinton.
● 30 percent plan to vote for Donald Trump.
● 12 percent plan to vote for Gary Johnson. (Other candidates polled in the single digits.)


Sidebar 2: Qualtrics survey questionnaire

Following is the text of a seven-item questionnaire emailed to 2,500 IUP undergraduate students on Oct. 3.

Logan Hullinger, a junior journalism student at IUP, is surveying students to analyze the political climate at the university. This research is prompted by the Nov. 8 general election for U.S. president.

The HawkEye is edited by journalism professor David Loomis, Ph.D. This survey is seven questions long and will take less than five minutes to complete. Dr. Loomis can be reached at doloomis@iup.edu.

The survey data may be published in The HawkEye, an award-winning online newspaper published in the IUP journalism department. All respondents’ identities will remain anonymous to both the public and the reporter.

If you would like to contact Hullinger to be interviewed on the subject, please leave your full name and email address at the end of the survey.

1. What gender do you identify as?

2. What year are you in college?

3. What is your race?
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
Hispanic, Latino or Spanish Origin

4. Are you currently registered to vote for the upcoming general election?

5. What political party do you belong to?
Green Party

6. Who do you plan to vote for in the election?
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Gary Johnson
Dr. Jill Stein
Not voting

7. If you would like to be interviewed by Logan Hullinger or briefly give more information on your political affiliations, please respond below and include your contact information.

Thank you.


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