The gunfire at Carriage House

By The HawkEye staff

INDIANA – News accounts attributed to local police and a spokeswoman for Indiana University of Pennsylvania reported that as many as 40 gunshots were fired during a late-night melee at an off-campus apartment development last weekend. A 19-year-old IUP student was injured by a bullet, and two cars were hit, according to the news accounts.

The student was treated and released from a Pittsburgh hospital. Borough police described people at the scene as “uncooperative.” No arrests have been made.

But one resident of the Carriage House apartments recorded the sound of several of the shots.

IUP Communications Media student Amelia G. Atkins said she was awake around 2 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3, when she heard loud voices and shooting outside her unit in the 1300 Oakland Ave. apartment complex. After what she estimated were 15-20 gunshots, she grabbed her digital phone and video-recorded her reaction in a selfie before she trained her lens on the window of her second-floor bedroom.

In her seven-second clip, the sound of four shots and loud voices can be heard distinctly.


Here is an edited version of Atkins’ emailed narrative:

“I was in my bedroom in the second floor closer to the front of the building. (The shooting took place in the middle of Carriage, not far from where my window is.) There were a bunch of gunshots before I had decided to record. I thought they were fireworks at first. There must have been about 15-20. There were about 10 more and maybe another couple once I had stopped recording. From my window I saw some people that I believe were attending the party, crawling on the ground, trying to stay low so they wouldn’t get shot, to reach their friends so they could all leave together.

“Two or three minutes later, police came. They came into the complex and made anybody they found put their hands up & lay face down on the ground. There were people hiding in the bushes they found & made lay on the ground until the coast was clear. A few times I saw police running back & forth & asking if anyone had access to the building, but there wasn’t much action after that.”

IUP communications media student Amelia G. Atkins contributed reporting.

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