IUPatty’s and tuition (II)

The Hawk Report, March 22, 2015, WIUP-FM

April 5, 2015, Indiana Gazette story on post-IUPatty's police report.

April 5, 2015, Indiana Gazette story on post-IUPatty’s police report.

The program aired at the end of the annual IUPatty’s weekend and led with an IUPatty’s story, followed by a follow-up on the tuition story we reported on Feb. 22:

IUPATTY’S:  For IUP campus administrators, Indiana borough authorities and other local officials, avoiding a re-run of last year’s IUPatty’s public-relations debacle was a top priority during the weeks and months leading up to this weekend’s annual student-sparked St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. How did student revelers respond to the official finger-wagging? As in years past, they used social media. But instead of Tweeting about flash mobs and party venues, they used social medium of Yik Yak as a tool for playing cat-and-mouse with cops. Hawk Report producer Adam Harring monitored weekend messaging.

TUITION: Last month, The Hawk Report producer Juliette Rapp interviewed campus officials about their recent announcement that fall 2015 tuition will be billed at a per-credit rate instead of the traditional per-semester flat rate. Officials pitched the plan as advantageous to students. This week, Rapp reports on her interviews with IUP students who have a different take on what has been described as a “stealth tuition hike.”

OPINION: Two opinions by IUP students who address issues on which we report in today’s news segment:

First, this morning’s edition of The Indiana Gazette reports that borough police issued no press releases and state police responded to no press inquiries about the weekend’s IUPatty’s events. As for campus police, IUP journalism and music student Andrew Milliken objects to the university’s approach to the public’s right to know about public-safety and policing.

Second: Journalism major and student-newspaper editor Molly VanWoert connects the dots between IUP’s recent announcements about rising tuition rates and falling admission standards.

To hear the podcast of this show, click here.

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