From Ferguson, Mo., to Indiana, Pa.

The Hawk Report, Sept. 28, 2014, WIUP-FM

Rennell Roby yells "Hands up, don't shoot" over the sound of honking horns in Ferguson, Mo, August 14, 2014. (Dave Gershgorn, with permission)

Rennell Roby yells “Hands up, don’t shoot” over the sound of honking horns in Ferguson, Mo, August 14, 2014. Photo by Dave Gershgorn, with permission.

The semester’s first show featured an exclusive report and interviews by SPJ President Kelsey Breunig on an NAACP-sponsored Sept. 24 community discussion in the Hadley Union Building Delaware Room of issues arising from recent violence in Ferguson, Mo., and how those issues affect Indiana, Pa.

The show also included a feature by SPJ member Juliette Rapp on members of the IUP chapter of the Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity who periodically perform an impromptu  a capella series called “Singing in the Oak Grove.” The group performed Friday, Sept. 26, accompanied by warm sunshine, and Rapp was there to interview group members.

In sports, SPJ member Andrew Metri interviewed members of the IUP football team following their Sept. 27 win over Mercyhurst at home. The issue: The National Football League’s fumbling of problems with players accused of off-field misbehavior, including domestic abuse.

How are the IUP football program and its players reacting to the headlines? Among Metri’s findings: None of the players knows their program’s policy on involvement in domestic abuse.

To hear the podcast of this show, click below:

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