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parked car

IUP campus police inspect a 1999 black Acura sedan parked at the front door of Weyandt Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 26, shortly after noon. The photo is one of two distributed by campus Imail to faculty and staff in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The photos were sent at 1:32 p.m. from an Imail account of an IUP employee in nearby Stright Hall. The sender did not respond to requests for information. But campus police confirmed the incident, including their issuance of a $15 parking citation.















By The HawkEye staff

INDIANA — Shortly before noon on the fall semester’s second day of classes, Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus police received from Lt. Melvin Cornell an unusual report of an illegally parked car.  What made the case unusual was its brazenness.

A motorist drove a black 1999 Acura sedan onto the grass in front of Weyandt Hall, parked it facing the busy intersection of Oakland Avenue and South 10th Street, exited the vehicle and entered the science building, police said.

“It’s not an everyday thing,” acknowledged police Lt. David R. Kressley, head of campus parking enforcement, in an Aug. 31 phone interview to confirm the Aug. 26 incident reported by Lt. Cornell and depicted in photos sent to campus Imail users.

A tow truck was summoned, police reported. The truck arrived as the motorist, aided by a handicap walker, returned to his car, which displayed a valid PennDOT-issued handicap ID tag dangling from the rear-view mirror.

“The guy reportedly said he couldn’t find another place to park,” Kressley said.

The tow truck was waved off, Kressley said. The motorist got in the car and drove away with a police-issued $15 citation.

“It’s appealable,” Kressley said.

Police declined to release the name of the cited motorist.

Parking has been a perennial issue on the campus. IUP President Michael Driscoll reportedly addressed the issue on Wednesday, Aug. 27, at Gorrell Recital Hall during an annual open forum attended by faculty and staff. In response to an anonymous question about losses in parking spaces during recent campus construction, Driscoll envisioned faculty members parking on the perimeter of the campus and taking shuttles to their offices.

“I don’t want Grant Street to reopen,” Driscoll said. “Oh, did I say that out loud?”


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