Earth Day; election year; SGA DIY

The Hawk Report, April 27, 2014, WIUP-FM

IUP anthropology professor Amanda Poole. Photo by Kelsey Breunig.

IUP anthropology professor Amanda Poole. Photo by Kelsey Breunig.

First, “Earth Day 2014.” On April 22, events were scheduled worldwide to show support for environmental protection on the anniversary of the inaugural Earth Day in 1970. On the IUP campus, the environmental group ECO hosted an event. Hawk Report producer Kelsey Breunig interviewed ECO faculty adviser Dr. Amanda Poole.

Second, “Uninvited to the Party.” On April 15, campus Democrats and Republicans debated state and national political issues at an election-year event sponsored by the student newspaper The Penn -– and moderated by Hawk Report producer Dave Gershgorn.

But Libertarians were not invited. Kelsey Breunig interviews IUP economics major Ian Todd of the campus group Young Americans for Liberty.

Third, “Vladimir Putin: Are You Listening?” Last week the IUP Student Government Association made some leadership changes using a new method –- do-it-yourself. SGA leaders historically have been elected by their constituents –- IUP students, who pay SGA leaders’ salaries with activity fees.

But last week SGA members cited a “pilot” program they adopted last year and dispensed with those messy, old, time-consuming, apathy-ridden elections. And they apparently dispensed with their old constitution and bylaws. Instead, they elected their leaders from among their own ranks.

Your new SGA president? It’s Marissa Olean, the incumbent elected at-large by voters last year.

Hawk Report producer and veteran SGA reporter Dave Gershgorn reviews the developments.

Audio is unavailable for this show.

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