Occupy Wall Street protest comes to IUP

INDIANA — Students protested economic and other problems Wednesday on the steps of the administration building at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The hour-long event, called Occupy IUP by participants, drew about 40 people. They chanted and heard speeches at the steps of Sutton Hall facing the Oak Grove.

The purpose of the event was to draw attention to the Occupy Wall Street protest that began in New York City’s financial district on Sept. 17, said organizer David M. Ball, an IUP fine arts major.

Speakers emphasized rising education costs. Average tuition at a four-year college, for example, has risen during the past decade to $14,870 from $10,609, an increase of 40 percent, protestors said.

Sean C. Yoder contributed reporting.

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One Response to Occupy Wall Street protest comes to IUP

  1. Anthony frazier says:

    Good piece. You hit the key points and kept it basic. The audio was great too now let’s get to work on yor video transitions.

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