Fairytale Glam

Students in Dr. Hwang’s Fashion Promotions class at Indiana University of Pennsylvania were required to put on a fashion show as their semester project.

Fairytale Glam was put on by the first set of students, an event I covered live.

Fairytale Glam was a modern take on several fairytales including Alice and Wonderland, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Little Bo Peep.

Thomas J. Wycheck, model coordinator, felt the show was a success.

“I’m really happy with all the models and how everything turned out,” said Wycheck. “I couldn’t have asked for better models.”

Wycheck, along with the other students in the Fashion Promotions class, have been preparing for this show all semester.

The Hadley Union Buiding’s Ohio Room on Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s campus does not allow for good pictures. The lighting lighting is horrible.

I attempted to shoot several videos.

This was the introduction to the show. I believe it set the mood that we were entering a fairytale. I heard some chatter the the dancers were freestyling and hadn’t rehearsed. I was impressed

The Rapunzel skit was very simple. That’s what I loved about it. Rapunzel is know for her long, golden hair. She could have walked out in sweatpants, and I still would have known who she was. The simple pink dress made her look like a modern day princess.


Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with Little Bo Beep. So, I didn’t really get it. I would not have known who she was if it weren’t specified on the projector as she walked out.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum make quite a transformation in 2010. Both models walked with confidence and owned the catwalk.

I thought this was a good, modern portrayel of Alice and Wonderland’s White and Red queens. I caught the tension between the two models.

I’d appreciate comments. This was the first time I’ve dealt with embedding videos.

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