Black Friday, Cyber Monday…The shopping olympics

I work in retail, so of course I had to work Black Friday. It’s the infamous shopping day that make some sales associates nervous and many shoppers crazy.

This year, Black Friday was not as crazy as I’d expected.

My co-worker, Sharon Morel, agreed.

“It honestly seemed like a busy Saturday at my mall at home,” she said.

Morel is from Allentown, Pa. This was the first time she worked a Black Friday.

“I was nervous. I’m not the best person on the register.”

Morel was surprised by the customers’ attitudes.

“They were really nice,” Morel said. “I was surprised.”

“I couldn’t believe people got up so early to stand in line for a snow globe,” she said.

At J.C. Penney, every Black Friday they give out a Mickey Mouse holiday snowglobe.

Our doors opened at 4:00 a.m., and some people stood in line for the globe, then left.

My shift Black Friday was 5:00 a.m., to 3:00 p.m.

I have a bubbly personality, so I was perky throughout my shift. My customers were actually surprised I was in such a great mood.

Indiana Mall is small compared to malls in Pittsburgh. I have worked at two malls in that area, so I’d have to agree with Morel that it just seemed like a busy Saturday.

The customer traffic was kind of odd. We wouldn’t have a line for 10 to 15 minutes, then we’d be backed up the next 15.

Traffic seemed light in the mall itself.

I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people traveled to the Pittsburgh area where the selection of merchandise is larger.

I’ll be working long hours for the next month. Opening earlier and closing later doesn’t bother me much.

I enjoy working retail.

But trust me, Cyber Monday is not the end of the shopping olympics.

Let me know about your Black Friday, I’m interested to know how it went.

National Data for Black Friday was reported by the National Retail Federation.

Sales Figures

This year had the most Black Friday shoppers in the past five years and sales increased since 2009.

Shopping Destinations

This chart illustrates department stores being the most shopped during black friday. This makes sense to me. Although I work in a department store now. In the past, I worked in a different retailer. I can say that department stores have better coupons and promotions as well as lower prices.

Shopping Items 

 The majority of Black Friday purchased were made for clothing.

I believe this charts illustrate that the economy is improving a little. I hope this increase of sales will continue.

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