Global Alert — October 10, 2010


IUP biology student George E. Tickerhoof III is helping to install a “green roof” atop Weyandt Hall. Tickerhoof and his collaborator, IUP biology professor Timothy J. Nuttle, were interviewed on the 10/10/10 edition of “Global Alert.” Photo by David Loomis

Environmental Projects.mp3

The third show of the “Global Alert” fall season fell on Oct. 10, 2010 – 10/10/10. This day coincided with worldwide environmental demonstrations coordinated by, a non-profit environmental group devoted to action on global climate change.

The 10/10/10 “Global Alert” show focused on two environmental projects at IUP:

  •  a plan to install by next year a “green roof” atop Weyandt Hall, the sciences building at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and
  • a question about IUP’s recycling program:  Are the university’s plastic and metal beverage containers being dumped in the county landfill?

“Global Alert” producers interviewed two campus experts on the green-roof project — IUP biology professor Timothy J.  Nuttle and biology student George E. Tickerhoof.

“Global Alert” producers also interviewed journalism student Elizabeth A. Proffitt, who is working on an investigative story for The HawkEye . The story is looking at a discrepancy between what Indiana County officials document and what IUP officials say about campus recyclables. Are they being dumped in the landfill?

The show concludes with a 10/10/10 commentary by “Global Alert” producer Jessica Potter.

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