Compliments Reciprocated

After I receive a compliment, I feel amazing for hours.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s homecoming was this weekend. Since Monday, Oct. 4, homecoming T-shirts were sold all over campus.

I settled on the T-shirt inspired by the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have no idea who sold the shirt to me, but the two students I bought them from were enthusiastic.

My biggest complaint was the smalls were sold out. So, I was reluctant to by one.

They convinced me by offering suggestions on how I could wear it. I could cut it up, wear it with leggings or tie it in the back.

So, I bought the shirt with my last $10. On Friday, Oct. 8, I decided I would wear my new homecoming shirt for the day. I put it on, and it was a disaster.

The size medium was huge, both vertically and horizontally. So, I decided to get creative.

When I ventured out to Wolfendale’s Friday evening I had on my Steelers inspired homecoming T-shirt with the collar cut off. I added a belt to my waist, slid on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and finished the look with a pair of very high heels.

A man complimented me at the bar, not on my shirt, but on how I wore the shirt. Why am I telling you this?

Sometimes, getting creative with your clothes can put a really good spin on an outfit. A simple, plain T-shirt worn with a really great necklace can dress up an outfit. I get my jewelry at Claire’s in Indiana Mall.

I’m sure you have a pair of scissors at home. You can cut your shirts in a variety of ways. I like to cut my shirts on the sides. Here’s how:

First, lie a shirt down on a flat surface then cut up the sides of the shirt about an inch or two beneath the underarm. Then cut horizontal slits on the sides about an inch apart from each other.

Tie the corresponding pieces together and voilà! I must caution you not to tie your pieces too tight. I’ve done it before, and I got stuck inside my shirt. My friends still bring up the event.

Also, I like the way girls look when they put a wide belt on with a loose shirt. There are numerous things that can be done to jazz up casual gear, and in my opinion, IUP was very fashionable this weekend.

I wore four outfits Saturday partly because of the heat, but also because there were so many activities going on.

I can honestly say I did not see any fashion faux pas all weekend.

I’m so proud of you IUP. So proud.

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