From Don’t to Do

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, I was riding home from Zink Hall. I arrived at a stop sign at the intersection of Pratt and Grant street, and I had to double take.

It wasn’t because I was checking for cars.

About five feet in front of me, a woman crossed the street looking an absolute mess. She was wearing a winter coat that, from my angle, may have been a cashmere blend with a hood and green, plaid-flannel pajama shorts.

To finish the outfit, she had on a pair of what I call wuggs, wannabe Ugg boots. She looked ridiculous.

The week before, I was standing at the bus stop on Grant Street right across from Davis Hall. I saw a woman with a very cute shirt on, but the outfit was ruined by her sheer-black leggings that she was wearing as pants.

The outfit got worse. She had on a pair of white polka-dotted panties that may have needed to be adjusted a bit. I mean, how could she not feel that?

Maybe, because the seasons are changing, there is some confusion as to what one should wear. One day there is a high of 62 degrees while the next, the high is 84 degrees.

So, here are some tips to keep you from going out in public looking a mess.

Remember, leggings aren’t pants. Leggings should not be worn with tight t-shirts, according to life & styles blog, Beauty Hill.

Instead, pair them with loose shirts or tunics that cover the hips. When it comes to shorts, you don’t have to put them away for fall, but be sure to wear them correctly.

The key to wearing shorts in the fall is layering the top. A nice button-down t-shirt layered with a tailored blazer is a cute look with a medium length pair of shorts.

This look goes great with flats, heels or even boots. Try to steer clear of flannel shorts. They look like pajama bottoms.

Tights are also an accessory I like to implement into my fall fashion. Wear them with skirts, tunics, dresses or shorts. They are also nice to wear under jeans when it’s cold outside. Shooties, boots, flats, and wedges are still in for this season’s footwear.

All of the hottest fall trends are available at local retailers in Indiana, Pa. Maurices, JCPenney, Sears and Old Navy are all in Indiana Mall. Payless is on Oakland Avenue, and even Walmart carries trendy clothes at reasonable prices.


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