Pedi, please

While walking around campus, I tend to observe people.

I pay attention to their clothes of course, but I also look at their accessories.

I notice the size of their sunglasses or hats. I glance at jewelry, I sometimes even smell people as they walk by. Well, that may be a weird one, but I do it anyway.

One thing I never fail to notice is what people wear on their feet. I shriek on the inside when I see someone in flip-flops or sandals that has dry, callused feet.

I know it is hard to control what your feet are shaped like. Your second toe just may be longer than that first one, or your baby toes may be disproportional to the other four. But, dry skin and calluses can easily be controlled with regular pedicures.

Think about it. You are on your feet for so many hours a day, especially if you’re an athlete. Walking around campus, you often carry loads of books and equipment. Feet are under a lot of pressure, literally.

People usually make sure their hair and face look presentable. Show your feet some love too.

Pedicures aren’t just something girls should do to get fancy designs and have a gossip day with the girls. Everyone should get pedicures, because they have several health benefits.

 According to BodyBenefits and HealthBeautySpot, pedicures reduce pain in legs. Pedicures also get rid of dead skin and nail fungi that may cause infections and foot odor.

I get about two pedicures a year, but my nail technician has told me that it is good to get a pedicure every six weeks. When I get a pedicure, not only do they get rid of the dead skin, but I sit in a massage chair that has a remote attached. A back and foot massage at the same time. How can anyone pass that up?

It is so relaxing when the nail technician massages my calves. I also indulge myself in manicures from time to time.

So, everyone, please, don’t just get a pedicure because I am sick of looking at dry feet. Do it because it’s keeping you healthy, and it’s aesthetically pleasing.

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